Here's an insight to my immediate thoughts as I watch Nintendo's digital event at the 2015 E3 Expo.

12:00 - * cue Mario voice * Here we gooooooooooo

12:01 - What is this Crank Yankers Nintendo Style?

12:02 - Nintendo execs are furries? Like we didn't know.

12:03 - Ohhhhh, I see Star Fox!

12:04 - World Premiere of Star Fox Zero for Wii U!

12:07 - Many nifty vehicles and tech throughout Star Fox Zero.

12:09 - I love the passion of the Nintendo devs, and all the different inspiration in which they draw from.

12:10 - 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros in 2015!

12:12 - Hype for amiibo which fades into Skylanders. Meh.

12:14 - The Turbo Charge Donkey Kong with Barrel Blaster vehicle and Hammer Slam Bowser with Clown Cruiser vehicles for Skylanders look cool. Tell me they'll be able to be used for more than just Skylanders games?

12:19 - Zelda Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends with all DLC from Wii U. Nice.

12:23 - Metroid Prime Federation Forge for 3DS! Wait was that Blast Ball?

12:26 - Fire Emblem Fates looks pretty, but not my type of game.

12:28 - Oooo, what's this sci-fi esque action adventure?

12:29 - Lots of spaceships, weapons, robots, explosions.

12:30 - Xenoblade Chronicles X! That's a series that I've been meaning to give some time to.

12:31 - Animal Crossing Happy Home. It's not my bag, but lots to play on 3DS coming soon.

12:32 - And Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival for Wii U, too.


12:35 - So much cute, so much yarn. Can I have it now please?

12:38 - Yo-kai Watch looks interesting

12:39 - Paper Mario + Mario & Luigi = Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

12:40 - More Mario Tennis!

12:42 - In depth look at Mario Maker. Patiently waiting on this.

12:43 - 8 Bit Mario Amiibo for Mario Maker!

12:45 - I may need to go hit Best Buy and play some Mario Maker. It looks like so much fun.

12:47 - I only have another week for Woolly World??? YES!!

12:55 - Nintendo at E3 may not be everyone's bag, but it made me smile, which is what Nintendo strives to do for gamers the world over.