In this generation of the Internet, there are many people and personalities in which to connect. You won't connect, or want to listen, to each and every one, which is understandable. My own voice is, yet again, included in this mix. However, there will be those few that speak to you. Just like with any other form of entertainment, there are just those certain voices that seem to catch you when you least expect it. For myself, one of those instrumental voices is that of Eric Calderone, who is better known as Erock or 331Erock on YouTube.

I can't tell you which of his videos was the one that reeled me in. Although, I can say that from the very first moment that I discovered Eric and his amazing talent of taking any song, transcribing it, creating a new arrangement, and playing it, by heart, within a week (it takes 35-45 hours per video); I was smitten. He does everything himself. Eric is an incredibly humble, yet passionate, gentleman, who graduated from Berklee College of Music and the University of Tampa with degrees in orchestration and classic guitar. That, alone, should give you an idea of the talent which encompasses him. Check out what actually goes into each and every "Meets Metal" video in his interview with Loudwire from last year.

Alongside his love of music, Eric is quite the geek in his own right. You can tell just by a glimpse of his tattoos and clothing, if the playlist of songs didn't give it away. Since he started uploading his "Meets Metal" series on YouTube, Eric's fanbase grew from just a few people to millions. So much so, that it has literally become his full time job. If you enjoy his stuff and want to see him create more down the line, head on over to his Patreon page and give him some love. Additionally, he's doing a livestreaming concert on August 23rd. There are a few different bundles that span from $4 to $55. If you're into it, you can grab a ticket here.

If you have yet to give a listen to Eric's playlist of excellent metal covers, I suggest you listen to my Top 10 of his arrangements below and then head on over to his YouTube page for more goodness. You can't beat watching a dude who can't help but smile as he does something that he loves.

Now, in no particular order, here are my Top 10 favorite "Meets Metal" songs by Eric Calderone...

1. Captain Planet Meets Metal
2. Never Gonna Give You Up Meets Metal

(Ha! Ha! Ha! Y'all just got rick-rolled!)

3. Harry Potter Meets Metal
4. Lord of the Rings Meets Metal
5. Ducktales Meets Metal
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meets Metal
7. Scatman Meets Metal
8. Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei) Meets Metal
9. Mad World Meets Metal
10. Black Sails Meets Metal