If Idolized #0 was a trailer for the new comic series from the brain of creator, David Schwartz, Idolized #1 is our introduction to this wondrous world full of superheroes. The new television show, “Superhero Idol”, is set to air. The superheroes are contending to make it into the top ten. The audition process is similar to American Idol or Masterchef, the contestants go in one by one. They are placed in front of three judges (which, ironically enough, take after judges that we all know) and are either accepted or turned down.

The story flashes back to Joule as a child. It seems that a world of superheroes should be out fighting crime and keeping the peace for all. This isn’t the case here as Joule reveals the darker side of this world where a constant fear is continually present. Those with superpowers have divided themselves into heroes and villains. They are not staying in control of or taking responsibility for their actions. Joule lost her family, as a young child, due to this violence. The guilt, and a penchant for revenge, has caused Joule to work hard at her training so that never happens again.

Bonus pages are still rolling out with the story. This issue’s set gives a closer look at those Joule will be competing against. The rest of the contestants have powers that range from mind control to super-human strength. At the same time, the pages give an inside scoop from points of view other than Joule’s.

David Schwartz expanded upon the details that were teased in #0. He didn’t feed the readers too much information, thus, keeping curiosity at the forefront. Although, I did feel a bit of redundancy from issue #0. It was the origin story of the main character just with more detail. I can see how the backstory needs to be set before progressing forward, but I feel a missed opportunity of spending too much time on information that is already known.

Is Schwartz a closet reality show geek? He nails it with the back-and-forth between Joule and the judges of the show. Additionally, it seemed that Joule’s getting on the program was way too easy. Thinking back to the bonus pages from Issue #0, I have a sneaking suspicion that the contest may be rigged. That’s just a little something that I will be keeping in the back of mind as the series continues.

I just love how the colors just pop off the page at you in this series. This can even be seen in the darker panels as well. To use a term coined by Joss Whedon, it’s “shiny”. David Curiel, keep doing that beautiful coloring work. Although, Curiel’s coloring would be no where without the indicative pencils drawn by Micah Gunnell. This can especially be seen in the detail of the judges, whose personalities readers can instantly see just from their expressions.

SUMMARY: Aspen Comics is known for putting all its might behind unique stories. As Aspen’s first superhero comic, I hope to see Idolized break away from this rather cliché beginning. I have faith that David Schwartz will be taking readers on a journey that has not been embarked upon before. We just need to get out of the gate.

THE GOOD: Stunningly gorgeous colors.
THE BAD: Semi-typical superhero origin.
THE UGLY: Subtle redundancy.

Score: 7.5

Originally published August 25, 2012 on Digital Noob via EGMNow.com