I'm one of those chicks who is all about "watching my stories." Whether its my chosen reality shows, like Survivor or Masterchef, or a wholly thought out science fiction/fantasy show, my taste is kind of all over the place. I can't seem to turn away from a grand story, and I have a few shows that I'm especially looking forward to in 2017.

1. Outlander

Premieres: September

I must say, since Battlestar Galactica, I haven't been as involved in a TV Show as I am with Outlander. I went back and read all the books, up to the current releases, and I'm continuing to work through the novellas. In past seasons, it has premiered sometime around April, but this year, Ronald D. Moore and the crew at STARZ are making us wait until September with good reason. If you haven't watched the show yet, though, you have plenty of time to catch up, read some or all of the books, or consider joining the FB group I run for Outlander fans - Sassenachs at Heart. Don't worry, mo duinne, we'll get through this #Droughtlander together.

2. The White Princess

Premieres: April 16th

A few years back, there was an excellent series on STARZ entitled The White Queen based on the historical novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory. I've read most of her books and, even though, they lean more on the fiction side than the historical, the shows made from them continually turn out pretty fantastic. The White Queen, set to the back drop of the War of the Roses in 15th century England, centered around Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. The White Princess, the next chapter of this epic, focuses on the story of Elizabeth of York, their daughter, future wife of Henry VII and mother of Henry VIII. I've had an avid interest in English, Tudor, and Elizabethan history for most of my life; having any of it, in some way, come to my TV screen is something that I'll watch.

3. Black Sails

Premieres: Already Airing

I know it's already airing (and yes, I'm a little belated on this particular 5 Fandom Friday), but Black Sails was one of my most anticipated TV shows for 2017. This Treasure Island prequel is chock full of pirates from the story and real life pirates known for their notoriety (Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, etc). I know Michael Bay gets a bad rap for most of his other work, but he truly hit the mark with this show. It also helps that one of my favorite composers, Bear McCreary, is behind the music. Beware, though, this swashbuckling good time comes to a close at the end of this season.

4. Broadchurch

Premieres: February 27th on ITV in Britain; TBA for BBC America

I'm not usually one for mystery serials, but Broadchurch reeled me in from the first few minutes of the very first episode. I've watched the U.S. remake, Gracepoint, which also includes David Tennant, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original U.K. version. If you watch this show looking for the 10th Doctor, you aren't going to get it. David Tennant is dark, broody, and sometimes a little tough to stomach. However, he is absolutely magnificent in the role of Alec Hardy. He and Olivia Colman, as Ellie Miller, form one hell of a dynamic duo. Even if mystery serials aren't your thing, as they weren't mine, Broadchurch is a must see. The first two seasons are on Netflix.

5. Game of Thrones

Premieres: April?

This show, alongside Outlander, is one that I'm wholly involved in - hook, line, and sinker. I started watching Game of Thrones when I was stationed in Sicily. It became a quick favorite amongst my friends and I, and we'd all get together to watch it each week. Upon finishing the first season, I went back to read the first book and followed on with the rest of the published books on up to A Dance of Dragons. I've been on panels at Dragon Con to discuss GoT, and I am also a Co-Admin for Castle Black: Game of Thrones fans on Facebook, which stemmed from a thread on a now-defunct message board. Now that we've moved ahead of the books, I'm ready for some closure and to see if my theories are correct.

Honorable Mention: Poldark

Premieres: Sometime between June and September?

I think it was Downton Abbey, as well as a few miniseries like North & South and The Forsyte Saga, which perked my interest into the realm of period dramas. Masterpiece Theatre, and Mystery, are my jam with Poldark being the leading series that I've followed since it debuted. I still have yet to watch the original. I might some day, but as of right now Aidan Turner's Ross Poldark is the only one that I need. It's such a riveting and emotional show. I rarely, if ever, turn it off without having tears in my eyes.

Those are my top shows that I'm looking forward to in 2017. I have quite a few more that I watch like the DC shows on The CW, Netflix shows, and others, but these are my absolute top. Do any of my selections perk your interest? Any suggestions as to shows I should watch? Let me know in the comment section.

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