My first introduction to using Kontrol Freeks was just a few months ago when I reviewed the FPS Freek Close Quarters Combat Signature Edition. Since then, the CQCs have become a welcome addition to my controller. As such, I was excited to receive two new sets of FPS Freeks to review.

The latest additions to the FPS Freek lineup are inspired by the upcoming AAA games, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Each game has an exclusive set to call its own; INFINITY for Halo 4 and HAVOC for Call of Duty. Both sets of FPS Freeks offer 1/2 inch tall thumbsticks, concave tops, and laser-etched designs to honor each series. The INFINITY, the first bright blue color offering from the company, sports a raised UNSC badge for those Spartan fans. In turn, the HAVOC is black in color and shows off the Call of Duty Black Ops skull.

Just like other Kontrol Freek products, these thumbstick extenders can be installed instantaneously by snapping them right onto your controller. They are designed for the accompanying controllers to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, they do fit on third party controllers. I use a Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 controller and they fit like a glove. I feel that it was easier to transition to this set of Kontrol Freeks than it was to transition from just using the thumbsticks to the CQCs. It took longer to get used to playing with the CQCs because I had never used Kontrol Freeks prior to that point. Now that I have grown accustomed to them, switching from one set to another did not cause issues at all.

During my time using the new sets, I played a few different games. Obviously, I played Halo Reach and Modern Warfare 3. I didn’t see as much of an improvement with my CoD game as I did when I used the CQCs. The added 1/4 inch over the CQCs gives a bit more maneuverability, but personally, I still prefer the CQCs to these as I am more of a run-and-gun type player. There is less of a “close quarters” feel with the INFINITY and HAVOC, as is the point. However, for me personally, they do have their place in my gaming collection. I have found that the INFINITY and HAVOC work better when I sit back and snipe or use mid-to-long range weapons (which is exactly what these are meant to be used to do).

I also played a bit of Borderlands 2. I know these are meant for FPS in the classic sense, but they do made a big difference in world of Pandora. I am a big fan of the added comfort that any set of Kontrol Freeks can offer. This is no different with either the INFINITY or the HAVOC. My hands used to get very sore if I decided to do some marathon gaming, but Kontrol Freeks have completely fixed this issue for me. I think this either of these two sets can make a big difference for gamers, both casual and competitive.

SUMMARY: In the end, the INFINITY and the HAVOC do just what they are meant to do – offer as much control to the gamer as possible and with an absolute abundance of accuracy with mid-to-long range weapons. Kontrol Freek is spot on with both the INFINITY and HAVOC. This is a set that, while meant for FPS, could also be used for more than just the FPS genre. The INFINITY and HAVOC are available for purchase of $13.99 on the Kontrol Freek website.

THE GOOD: INFINITY and HAVOC do exactly as they are expected to do when aiding mid-to-long range weapon use.

Score: 10.0

Originally published October 22, 2012 on Digital Noob via