I didn't discover the pure, unadulterated magic that is John Barrowman until I finally watched Doctor Who and Torchwood, from the beginning, around 2011-2012. I, unfortunately, had missed the boat (literally) on Doctor Who as it had premiered during a much more active time for me in the Navy. There's quite a bit, during the timeframe between workups in 2006 straight through to 2011, of pop culture that I missed, and Doctor Who and Torchwood just happened to be a part of that. In any case, I made up for it a few years later and I am entirely glad that I did because I fell head over heels for the magnificent person that is John Barrowman, as well as his husband (Scott) and sister/writing partner (Carole). Their entire family is amazing and talented. When I say I'm a Barrowman fan, that includes all of the Barrowmans.

One of John's many talents, and something that a ton of new fans don't seem to know, is that he is an incredible singer and has been doing theatre in the UK for many years. During my last trip to Dragon Con in 2013, I had the final question at one of the Torchwood panels with him and Kai Owen (Rhys). I asked him when his next album was premiering to which he replied with a complete non-answer, but within a few months was announcing his next recording sessions. I need this man to do a US concert tour at some point in my lifetime. If not, I just need to be in the UK when he does another over there.

So this week's 5 Fandom Friday is going to focus on my favorite of John's musical stylings. I will forewarn that the latest from The Flash will not be here, as I am still pretty far behind on The CW's DC Universe this season, so no worries of potential spoilers.

1. What About Us?

2. Time After Time

3. I Am What I Am

4. You Raise Me Up

5. The Doctor and I

I still had plenty more after this, but I'm cutting myself off at five or I'd just go on forever. I hope this week's 5 Fandom Friday serves as a jumping off point for you into John's music. He has quite a few albums out and he has his own Spotify page, as well. Are there any songs that you thought I should include? Any that you think I may not have heard? Let me know!

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