Gamers have needs. Some gamers can play just fine with sound coming through their TV, then there are those of us that have discovered the awesomeness that comes along with wearing a headset. There are many pros to using a headset. I prefer a headset to increase my situational awareness within a game like hearing the footsteps of the enemy as they get close or gaining just a bit more concentration by blocking out the ambient noise within my house.

The search for the perfect headset is always a tough one, it seems. I’ve come across my fair share of fantastic, decent, and terrible headsets. I have been using the Tritton AX 180′s, and while the sound and microphone are excellent on that set. The headset itself pinches and puts too much pressure on my ears. I can only wear it for so long before I have to give it a break. A new headset has been a welcome sight for awhile due to these reasons.

This time around I was able to get my hands on the Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset. This headset is the culmination of thoughts and suggestions that came from fans concerning the Tritton AX Pro Headset. Taking this criticism into consideration, Tritton created the upgraded version of the headset seen here.

The Pro+ features:

  • True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset
  • Decoder Box with Dolby Digital Technology
  • In-line Audio Controller
  • Removable, Flexible Microphone
  • 2x Xbox LIVE Connector Cables
  • USB Cable
  • Optical Cable
  • Digital Audio Adapter
  • AC Adapter

The amount of items in the box, when I opened it, seemed more than a bit daunting. Not to mention that the decoder box, itself, is the same size as my Linksys router. Just check out the unboxing of the nearly console-size package that the Pro+ comes in:

I will admit that I am not as adept as most when it comes to setup procedures. I want a color-coded map of what goes where and what plugs into which receptacle. I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy it was to set up this headset; decoder and all. The only issue that I encountered was with the optic cables as I had never used them in this manner before receiving the Pro+. A big thing to remember is to not forget to adjust your Xbox’s settings upon installation. Other than that, this setup was simple, just follow the enormous setup guide in the package and you can’t go wrong.

As for design, this headset is much heavier than what I am used to wearing. While the comfort of the ear cups is a definite pro in my book, I do feel that there is a need for a bit more padding on top of the headset. It becomes rather cumbersome after awhile, especially around the top of your head. The ear pieces are adjustable and for those with sensitive ears, like myself, there is no pinching. The Pro+ is made of hard plastic which just screams durability. If you are a gamer that prefers to not sit practically on top of your TV, the cord for the headset is twelve feet long, giving plenty of space between the gamer and the console.

The sound quality on this headset is absolutely beautiful. Each ear cup contains four drivers – 30 mm in the front and center, 22 mm in the rear, and a 40 mm subwoofer. I played a few different games with these to test them out. My usual habit with a new headset is to test it out on, you guessed it, Call of Duty. It takes a little bit to get the sound just right because the in-line audio controller has a setting for each driver, but also a joint volume for all four. I spent a few multiplayer matches trying to make things just right, but once you’ve got it just right, you’ll know it. Footsteps of the enemy are much clearer and make it easier to pay attention to detail. I played a few rhythm games and arcade games with this headset just to test out background music and to see how it flows when playing Rock Band Blitz or Guitar Hero. Honestly, it was like my surround sound system was on my head.

While the Tritton Pro+ 5.1 headset has pros, it also has cons as well. One of my biggest issues with this headset is that when I talk to my teammates while playing Call of Duty, my team can barely understand what I am saying. The microphone makes my callouts sound unintelligible. I’ve also been told that it’s extremely hard on the ears, sound wise. So far, there seems to be no way to fix this other than to try and move your mic out as far as possible away from your mouth. The other issue that I find irksome with this headset is every now and again the sound seems to cut out for a second and then come back. It may not be noticeable to some, but it is very apparent when you are in the midst of a Call of Duty match or you miss a bit of dialogue from a show on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.

The Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Headset is primarily for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but can also be used on the PC. It is currently priced at $199.99 USD.

SUMMARY: At the end of the day, the Pro+ is a great all-around headset. Gaming, music, movies on your Xbox 360, PS3, and your PC, if you decide to be so bold. It has some drawbacks with the microphone, but if you aren’t concerned about communicating with this headset then there are no worries. The Pro+ is a dream for those who geek out about audio.

THE GOOD: Sound quality, once adjusted to the user’s preferences, is magic.
THE BAD: The mic needs more love than just added flexibility.

Score: 9.0
Originally published October 14, 2012 on Digital Noob via