Hey y'all! It's been a hot minute since I sat down to write for the blog. Things got a bit busy and I've got a new love in my life called Overwatch. However, it's due time for a new 5 Fandom Friday, don't cha think?

This week's 5 Fandom Friday is inspired by one of my good friends that I met while on my deployment in 2007. Jon and I became instant friends to the point where we are sure that we had to have been siblings, cousins, or some kind of close friends in another life. Jon and I, while both geeks, initially bonded on our shared love of music; an uncanny and, near, identical love of music that continues to this day. To you, my brother from another mother, here's hoping some good vibes roll your way very soon.

I cannot limit to just 5 on this topic, so I'll be stretching to 10 with some honorable mentions. Additionally, if you need some more Pop Punk goodness, you can always check out my Punkish Playlist on Spotify. Found here:

I know a few of you are scratching your heads, and saying, "Mandie, really?" Pop Punk?" I'm pretty eclectic with my music, as I am with most other things in life. I could bounce between these bands to Slipknot or Shadows Falls and back again. Frankly, I've gotten to that point where if you enjoy it then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Many of the songs here mean quite a bit to me, and were in constant rotation in my CD collection (yes, CD COLLECTION) and then on my MP3 players.

1. Hit or Miss by New Found Glory
2. Permanent by Acceptance
3. Alive With The Glory of Love by Say Anything
4. I Love the Way She Said L.A. by Spitalfield
5. So Close/So Alive by Just Surrender
6. Flight 601 (All I've Got Is Time) by Fenix TX
7. The Taste of Ink by The Used
8. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
9. Chicago Is So Two Years Ago by Fall Out Boy
10. Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year
Honorable Mention: Girl All The Bad Guys Want by Bowling for Soup
Honorable Mention: Hate Every Beautiful Day by Sugarcult
Honorable Mention: Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects

I know a few of these may have strayed outside or are on the borderline for the definition of "pop punk." My view is if I could have seen them all on the same ticket at Warped Tour, then they could be on this list. I did try to complete this without including Blink 182, as they were the spawn of the pop punk movement. Additionally, this isn't my idea of a best list, but more my favorites from the genre.

What are some of your faves? Did I remind you of any long lost songs that you may have forgotten? Let's chat about it in the comments.

If you're interested in the origin of 5 Fandom Fridays or just want to learn how they came about, head on over to The Nerdy Girlie's Origin Story.