Hello, Blog World. It's me, Mandie.

It has been quite some time since I have written on a regular basis. All throughout my life, it is something for which I always made time. However, since starting on my journey through college, writing for the joy of it occurred less and less and it is due time to fix this.

With that, welcome to my brand new and shiny blog! For those who I have not had the pleasure, I'm Mandie. I'm a northern soul (born and raised in Connecticut) in southern lands (living in Jacksonville, Florida), and I'm officially in my 30s. I served for 11 years, both active and inactive, in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electrician's Mate. I was stationed both here, in Jacksonville, and in Sigonella, Sicily. I deployed once during my career for 7 1/2 months onboard the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier. I separated in 2011 as an AE2 (AW) and started on my college career shortly thereafter. I've earned my Associate's and Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautics, along with a handful of Minors, and am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Aeronautical Science with a focus on Space Studies. All of the above is thanks to the Worldwide Campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I'm a major geek with absolutely no shame. I, even, had someone refer to me as one of the go-to people in Jacksonville for all areas under the geek umbrella. So yeah, that happened. There doesn't seem to be an aspect of geek culture in which I have no care. This is going to be the premise for my blog - what makes me the geek that I am.

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